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Years&Years @ The Liquid Rooms

I swear that acts are getting younger and younger. Straight back into shooting tonight and was great to see that nothing had changed lighting wise at the Liquid rooms (ahem).


Sunday @ Rewind Scotland

Boomtown Rats

Matt Bianco

The South

Boomtown Rats



Roland Gift

Marc Almond


Saturday @ Rewind Scotland

Jimmy Somerville

Nick Heyward

Bjorn Again


Doctor and the Medics

Bucks Fizz

Steve Augeri


Go West

Billy Ocean

Bob’s little Angel

I’ve been a little quiet of late, and this little one is the reason. This is 10 week old Charlotte. 😀
She loves the water so it seemed apt to get a little shot of her floating in the bath.

Mallory Knox @ The Liquid Rooms

Not a band that I had heard of, but were pretty good. Mallory knox had a young audience who appreciated their show.
The light was interesting at best and filled with strobes, but managed the odd good shot.

Ellie Goulding @ Usher Hall

Ellie Goulding tonight. Ellie was looking great and moving around the stage giving the crowd (and photographers) what they wanted. Ellie sounded good which I was glad to hear, as you can never tell from recorded material if they are going to be good live or not. The usher hall is a great venue to shoot at, It’s got a great sized pit with good access and every time I have shot there so far, the light has been decent.
All in all, a worthwhile gig.

Boyce Avenue @ The Liquid Rooms

Once again we were in the situation where the lighting engineer decided to take a break when the main act came on and left the lights on “Disco backlighting”. Not uncommon at the liquid rooms, but I digress.
Youtube sensations; Boyce avenue played to a sold-out crowd who lapped up their mixture of original material and cover versions. These guys can really play and the the crowd loved them.

Hopetoun Horse Trials

One of my favourites from my day at Hopetoun Town and Country Fair.
Paul Tapner, winner of the CIC*** class on his second horse Wickstead Didgeridoo in from of hometown house.

Submotion Orchestra @ The Liquid Rooms

Once again I battled with the lighting conditions at the Liquid Rooms. This time it was for Submotion Orchestra as part of the jazz festival.
Not my taste in music, but I could see why the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

dsc 6175

Submotion Orchestra play the Liquid Rooms 26/07/2013 Photos by Bob the Tog



Fun @ The Picture House

Most of the shots from this gig looked the same. We were told by management that we were only allowed to shoot from the edge of the stage and not to shoot from the middle.
Anyway, you take what you are given and work with it. Luckily Nate was a pretty active front man and after the first song was over the lighting brightened up a bit.

Fun are a good band live and well worth going to see.