Some stuff about me

Hi, I’m Bob the Tog

If this Bio was on a different photographer’s site it would say something about being trained by the gods of photography and my life-long dream was always to create the most perfect image which I will do on all of your projects. The thing is…. none of it would be true.

I didn’t train at college, I didn’t start taking photographs until I was in my late 20’s and to be honest in the start of my photography career, I was a bit of a blagger. I found out I enjoyed taking pictures and started to combine this with other things I loved or did on a regular basis. I took shots at gigs and when I went to some sporting event I took my camera and took pictures.
After a very short while I got quite good apparently. People started wanting to use my photos on websites, in newspapers, magazines and on myspace so I thought about taking it to the next level.

I setup my own events company and joined a news picture agency and then it all grew from there. This was the start of a very sharp learning curve.

Within a week I was out photographing football and learning about deadlines, captioning photos, metadata etc. which was all news to me at the time, and after a short while I started to get into what I love the most. Music.

I’ve now been doing music photography for press for around 4 years and have recently been awarded with an award for best Scottish music photo of the year by none other than the great Harry Benson. Not bad for a guy with no training.

My work is mostly done on a No-win-no-fee commission basis. I’ve had work appear in the Daily Record, Sunday Mail, Sunday Times, NME, the Mirror, the Sun, the Courier, Horse Magazine, SNE and probably some others that I don’t know about and haven’t paid me. (oooooo…check me! )

I still love the local stuff though, so if you are a local sports star or up and coming band, give me a shout. I’ll come along and photograph you. If you don’t like the shots you don’t pay, simple as that, I’m not a pushy businessman, I just love to take photos.

See you soon


One thought on “Some stuff about me

  1. Hi Bob, good to meet you last night, hope to bump into you again sometime!

    Regards, Fish <

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